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In addition to the mall’s six major department stores and more than / 600 / specialty shops, a world of entertainment awaits all visitors. Food courts, restaurants, amusement arcades create an energetic social environment for the entire community. An ideal mix of tenants, maximum shop frontage and a complete integration of retailing & entertainment are all under a single roof.

Welcome to Al-Rashid Mall

The World in Your hand. At Al-Rashid Mall Your day should be memorable, enjoyable and totally stress-free.

In Khobar, the most beautiful modern city of Saudi Arabia's eastern region, and the second most beautiful Arab city in 2006, stands al Rashid Mall since inauguration in 1995 as the most important shopping destination in the region, becoming an overwhelmingly famous tourism landmark..

With mounting development needs, the idea of building a shopping center with integrated services commensurate with the ever growing needs of citizens and traders came about. Hence, partners in Al Rashid Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd., lead by the late Shaikh Rashid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid decided to build a shopping center upto the international standards. Architect Rashid bin Saad Al-Rashid was entrusted with the task of designing this huge national project.

Al Rashid Mall design adopts an architectural concept that combines Arab-Islamic architectural heritage with the latest international techniques in construction and processing, to reflect the architectural renaissance witnessed by the kingdom. The design of the mall was based on extensive field research on the most important and largest shopping malls in the world, particularly in both the USA and Europe, to benefit from theirs strength points and avoid disadvantages.

Now, after the the completion of the new expansion, the mall's importance is even far greater as it has become the largest and most important shopping mall in the kingdom. At the time of its inauguration in 1995, Al Rashid Mall was the landmark of the Eastern Region, but after this unique extension which boosts its holistic services style, the mall is now a distinct pan regional spectacle; one visit may not be enough to identify all the services provided by a mall of this size.

Al Rashid Mall enjoys the most important success factors: an integrated and contemporary design while preserving the aesthetic components of the region through a construction through a concept that does not only address the necessities of life, but also seeks to enhance the shopping experience itself, bringing together the greatest possible supplies, services, entertainment and residential facilities to serve a broad audience, of different ages and cultures.

The efforts of Saudi architect Rashid bin Saad Al-Rashid and a team of extensively experienced architects were culminated by Al Rashid Mall receiving the Excellence in Design Award of the international Council of Shopping complexes ( ICSC ) from among 150 complexes around the world.

Al Rashid Mall recently inaugurated a huge expansion that included the addition of a large number of new distinctive names in the worlds of fashion and services. It now includes after expansion more than 650 shops with a rentable area of more than 150.000 square meters and a total construction area of more than 400.000 square meters. It is indeed a prestigious landmark in the beautiful city of Khobar and the eastern region, after it became the largest. Shopping mall in Saudi Arabia.

The mall provides visitors with parking areas for more than 6000 cars, including 4000 indoor parking spots divided between a multi storey building and the building which hosts Carrefour hypermarkets, the largest and finest global retail company. This later building also houses more than 100 luxury hotel apartments. Connecting all these new building to the Mall is a bridge that smoothes movement between different parts of the complex. Composed of two floors, the bridge hosts shops on the lower floor and a group of restaurants on the upper one.

Incomparable Shopping and entertainment Experience

Al Rashid Mall dose not only serve a particular category or segment, rather a most appropriate shopping point for all social classes. With local and global brands of all kinds, it hosts no fewer than sixty thousand shoppers a day from different nationalities and cultures.

With its many shops, restaurants, cafes and diverse leisure places for all family members, this mall is a metropolitan village. It offers family amusement quarters of more than six thousand square meters for children and other recreational spots for young people.

Al Rashid's enduring principle was that success is always possible in light of upholding values and sincerity in any work, and so it was.


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